Winslow Hill Sunrise

Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by Joe, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Joe Site Founder


    I took this on one of my morning walks on Winslow Hill a little while back.
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  2. rellygirl Administrator

    Love that photo. If I remember, that's the morning I decided to stay in bed back at camp to catch up on some Z's.
  3. Mo! New Member

    Beautiful view!
  4. Joe Site Founder

    That is correct. See what you missed. :p
  5. Elizabeth Carley New Member

    Beautiful sunrise...
  6. MiFi Member

    Benezette  2009 149.jpg
    This was a photo I took last year at Parker Dam. The boys love the playground there.
  7. Mo! New Member

    Pretty picture MiFi!
  8. Joe Site Founder


    This is the same morning as my first photo, just a different location.
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  9. richard l coy New Member


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  10. richard l coy New Member

    sunrise on winslow hill 9/20/2010

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  11. MiFi Member

    benezette2010 127.jpg benezette2010 133.jpg benezette2010 134.jpg
    We call this God's Mountain......named by my God son, Bryce. His little brother has many medical issues. The year his little brother was born we stumbled upon this beautiful place. Bryce said, "Aunt Micki.....this is God's mountain. We are so close to the clouds he will hear all our prayers for baby brother." We come here yearly now....this year Bryce said, "Aunt Micki I was right, God was listening."
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  12. Mo! New Member

    Beautiful pictures MiFi.
  13. MiFi Member

    Benezette  2009 148.jpg

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  14. Cranky Moderator

  15. MiFi Member

    Yes it is......So beautiful in the fall.
  16. Cranky Moderator

    We used to camp there alot. It is a very nice park any time of the year.
  17. MiFi Member

    misc  Nov  2010 004.jpg misc  Nov  2010 007.jpg
    Tamarack Lake 11/2010
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  18. MiFi Member

    misc  Nov  2010 001.jpg
    Taken near our Local Moose Lodge Cochranton, PA
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  19. Karen New Member

    gorgeous photos!

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