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Discussion in 'Elk' started by Joe, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Joe Site Founder

    On January 7, 2011 Fred The Elk (Bull #36) passed away after sustaining severe injuries in a fall on snow/ice. Fred’s injuries were so severe that he was not able to recover. Rest In Peace Fred – 199? – 2011 you were a King among Elk and a legend amongst men!

    Please share any photos you have of PA's most famous elk Fred (#36) in this thread.
  2. Joe Site Founder

    Here is a Fred photo from Rick and Mary Lou Werneth of Fred and a bird friend.

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  3. Phishant New Member

    Here are two pictures of Fred taken on 10-04-10
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  4. Joe Site Founder

    I love the one with his tongue out. Classic!
  5. Bobbie New Member

    We found Fred resting in yard up on Winslow Hill in late September.

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  6. shed94 New Member

    Here's a few of Freddie,from this year.



    I have more photos of Freddie,I'll post later.
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  7. Bobbie New Member

    Here are two other photos of Fred from last year of Fred in town.


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  8. shed94 New Member

    Okay here's a couple more of our favorite elk.

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  9. rellygirl Administrator

    I just love him! I only hope that nothing happens to him.
  10. Lisa New Member

    That is adorable! What a great shot!
  11. Lisa New Member

    Those "goofey" legs! And that little funky beard! You can't mistake this guy, even if he lost his collar!! Great pictures of the Big Deal of Benezette!
  12. Elizabeth Carley New Member

    Cool Mr Fred.. He might be the most photographed elk there, if not i bet its close..
  13. Joe Site Founder

    Here is a photo of Lucky #36 submitted by Greg Sofranko on our FB fan page.

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  14. Mo! New Member

    That's an awesome shot!
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  15. wapiti313 New Member

    I know the other areas that you show Freddie but I don't know this area. Where is it?
  16. rellygirl Administrator

    That's in the town of Benezette itself.
  17. Loretta New Member

    how come some of the photos can't be viewed? they have the little white box with the x.? I would love to view them all. I also tried to upload a few of my own and it wouldn't let me? Any suggestions?
  18. Cranky Moderator

    Try right clicking and selecting show picture. Sometimes good old windows does that to save memory.
  19. MiFi Member

    benezette2010 233.jpg benezette2010 296.jpg benezette2010 234.jpg
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  20. Loretta New Member

    Boy, Fred is looking a little thin in the skin! Or is it just me?

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