The official Big Bull thread.

Discussion in 'Elk' started by Joe, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. shed94 New Member

    Outstanding photos!!
  2. Joe Site Founder

    This fella below might look a bit familiar Jim. We photographed him today.

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  3. Joe Site Founder

    The first below was one near our camp while the second was on top of Winslow wandering with the bull I posted just above this post.


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  4. shed94 New Member

    Couple of great looking bulls.
  5. Robin Gauger New Member

    Here's a picture of Crazy Legs I took in the fall, 2010 at the Visitors Center
    Elk 2010 495.jpg
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  6. Joe Site Founder

    I wish I could have had the chance to photograph him again. We only saw him one time and that was when we filmed the first stampede video. Before and after that we never saw him again.
  7. Robin Gauger New Member

    Saw this big guy along Rt 555 last fall, 2010
    Elk 2010 448.jpg Elk 2010 449.jpg Elk 2010 454.jpg
  8. Robin Gauger New Member

    Yeah I only saw him 2 times, both at the Visitors Center. I have a couple more I will post. I was hoping to get a chance to get some better shots of him too but that's not gonna happen [IMG]
  9. Robin Gauger New Member

    These first two of Crazy Legs were taken in the field by the Elk Homestead. Elk 2010 400.jpg Elk 2010 402.jpg
    These two were taken at the Elk Visitors Center. They're a little blurry but you can still see his "crazy" horns!
    Elk 2010 497.jpg Elk 2010 500.jpg
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  10. Joe Site Founder

    Awesome photos Robin.
  11. rellygirl Administrator

    What a beauty he was.
  12. bluebird New Member

    I would have liked to see crazy legs,but when ever we were down he was not around.Like the photos
  13. racer New Member

    I am not sure what is considered a "big" bull, my pics might be more average sized bulls rather then really big





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  14. Joe Site Founder

    Na, those are nice big bulls in my book. Great photo quality too.
  15. rellygirl Administrator

    This is a big bull to me. I'd love to find his shed, but that won't happen. This photo was taken several days ago.

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  16. Garrison New Member

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