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Discussion in 'Elk Chat' started by Joe, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Joe Site Founder

    I was just curious as to how many of you have ever hiked on the 'Elk Trail'? (see pic below) And if you have ever had much luck seeing elk on it?

  2. Mo! New Member

    Or have you seen any bear on it?
  3. Rockytrail New Member

    Is this the trail at the end of the road. in Benezette. it goes along the creek for a while then starts up the hill?
    If it is then yes snowshoed a part of it last winter with a friend. We saw tracks but no elk.
  4. Joe Site Founder

    Yep. I have never went in from the Benezette side though. I'm going to have to do that sometime.
  5. Rockytrail New Member

    where do you start from? I would like to do the whole trail. how long is it?
  6. Joe Site Founder

    I start from the Dents Run rd side. I get to it by going down Porcupine (on Winslow Hill) and then following Porcupine until it turns to Dents Run..
  7. Rockytrail New Member

    Oh, ok . I went down Porcupine last time I was up . I didn't go far enough. I'm coming back up in Nov. I'll find it then. I want to lead a snowshoe trip out that way in Jan. Thanks.
  8. Joe Site Founder

    There are several game trails that intersect into it and if you are not paying attention you can walk right up one and off course. One in particular you have to make a fairly sharp right across a small creek bed (very small) and if you miss the marking on the tree, which I almost did, you end up going straight and can get off track a bit.
  9. Rockytrail New Member

    Thanks, what color are the marks. Are they rectangles , circles ?
  10. Joe Site Founder

    Mostly color coded paint marks. At the Dents Run end there is a parking area with a bulletin board with a map and sometimes brochures with maps. They explain the color codes and even give you a visual of the trail.

  11. Rockytrail New Member

  12. FJ Junior New Member

    On the topic of the Elk Trail, does anyone know of shuttles that are available for hikers?

  13. Joe Site Founder

  14. FJ Junior New Member

    Thanks- I'll give them a try.
  15. Nate New Member

    I think I might have to try this trail soon. Any good places to find a map?
  16. Joe Site Founder

    I have found a few maps at random state parks and viewing areas. I also found one once at the entrance of the trail at the parking area on the Dent's Run side.
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  19. Name1 New Member

    I started the Elk trail in Dents Run and hiked the entire trail in about six hours. I think my GPS said around 19 miles. Its a beautiful trail. The majority of the trail is well marked with just a couple areas that may give you problems. I saw 7 elk less than a mile into the hike (about 30 meters away). I also saw a coyote and a couple deer. If you plan on hiking it in one day give yourself a full day. I was moving fast and did not stop much because I wanted to be off the trail before nightfall.

    As for a map, I called the local park service and they sent me a free map.
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  20. Karen New Member

    I backpacked the first w/e of Oct last year. Luckily I spoke to a ranger at one of the main viewing areas who pulled out a map of the trail and told me of 2 fields on the trail which would be good to sent up camp as the elk will feed there. Starting at Dents Run Parking lot you head up the hill then when you get to the road, instead of making a left and following the trail, make a right. Walk for 5 min then there will be a field on your right. When I stood their wondering if I should set up my tent there, I heard my first bugles! I decided it was still early and I could make it to the next field so I continued on. When I got to that huge field, not long after Shaffer Draft Road, there were numerous elk already there! This was at about 6:30 PM. (Technically they were in the adjacent field) It was really exciting. I had the place to myself. Just me and the elk. A couple of them lifted their heads to stare at me. lol. I was nervous and I still had to be 'noisy' and set up my tent! This was my first time seeing elk. Then I heard a bunch of them trampling through the high grass for like a minute until I saw them. Then they appeared, all walking in a row, heading to the field. It was really cool. I heard them bugling a little bit during the dark of night and early AM.

    On the way back to my car the next day, as I was heading down and following Little Bear Run I saw what I suppose was a momma black bear with a cub. I saw them. they looked up and saw me then when I was fumbling for my camera they turned around and ran up the hill across from me and out of sight.

    Attached is a photo where the elk were the previous late afternoon. I woke up too late and missed them in this photo.
    (thx for the link to that map. I have an Elk State Forest map which also shows that, but a little differently! The attached map has markings from the ranger. The X on Dents Run marks the parking area then then circles/squares show the fields and there's also an X north of a couple fields, prior to Bell Draft Road, where I believe he said that's a good place to camp,-I think this is the old pipeline swath area-but I didn't hike that far.)


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