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Discussion in 'Elk Chat' started by Joe, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Joe Site Founder

    More than just about anything I hope to someday stumble across an Elk Shed in the woods. To date I have only been able to find Whitetail. Are there any tips, pointers or suggestions that you can share to help increase the chances of me finding one?
  2. rellygirl Administrator

    Do like Cory said he was going to do and just follow the bulls around until they fall off! ;)
  3. rellygirl Administrator

    Does anyone know when elk start losing their antlers?
  4. Cranky Moderator

    Late winter early spring according to this
  5. Ethan New Member

    Anyone plan on doing some serious shed hunting this spring? There are lots of good tips around the internet. I saw some nice bulls last weekend, there should be lots of good sheds to be had out there if you look in the right places.
  6. wapiti313 New Member

    My wife and I hunt antlers every year, live on Winslow and have not found any sheds other than a spike. Ya gotta be at the right place at the time.
  7. Joe Site Founder

    That is 100% true. I drove past a monster shed that was laying on the side of our driveway at a friends camp only to hear about it shortly there after. All I had to do is turn my head over to the right and it would have been mine not his.
  8. J REEVES New Member

    Shed hunting is just that, hunting! Dont expect to find anything and just enjoy the day afield. If you do find something its a bonus.
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  9. TraskOutdoors New Member

    Hi there. New guy here with a few questions.

    My brother in law are planning a shed hunting trip towards the end of March/beginning of April and was wondering if anyone could help us out in finding the bulls this time of year. We know where they are in October during the rut but have no idea where the bulls winter at. I drove through elk country on my way to Harrisburg a week ago and saw a lot of cows, a few raghorns and only two older bulls. They were halfway between 555 and Devil's Elbow in the back yard of a camp. Two 7x7s I believe. We have seen elk on Moore Hill and the Hicks Run viewing area before and usually we hike a long ways back in off of Dewey Road to get closer to the elk. We have seen many around the Dark Hollow area and down Porcupine Run.

    I was basically just wondering if anyone could share with us some info on where the bulls are right now and if they are shedding or ready to shed. I know that the big boys come off first and the smaller ones could carry until April. We are open to suggestions ANYWHERE in the elk range. From Emporium to Bennezett to Quehanna to Caledonia to Gray Hill and everywhere in between. If you don't wish to share we understand. Thank you.
  10. Joe Site Founder

    Honestly folks up here are mighty tight lipped about where they see bulls this time of year. Until I moved up here this year I had no clue how big of a deal it is.
  11. J REEVES New Member

    I m going to benezette next week to try and find some sheds . The elk look like they are still sporting their headgear though. Maybe I ll get lucky but I dont think the antlers are going tom have dropped by then. I wish I could wait a couple of more weeks but work gets crazy and I wont have any more time to go. But if I get to see some elk, get some pictures, get some exercise, sheds would then be a bonus. What kind of areas do elk like to bed in? I always think you have better chance of finding sheds there.
  12. J REEVES New Member

    Hello Joe and Community,
    I am surprised not to see alot of traffic here. I know alot of people must go shed hunting in Bennezette. I took the three hour trip last year and did not find anything. I went too early but thought i might find an old shed. I am going to make the trip again this year and will be making the trip in april not march. I got to see lots of elk and got plenty of pictures. I know nobody wants to give out information on where their favorite spot is but how about some pictures and some shed hunting experiences. Did anyone find sheds last year? A lot of elk that I saw last year were on private lands but some were on public land. Do the bull elk hang out with the herds or do they hang out in bachelor groups like whitetail?
  13. Joe Site Founder

    To be honest not many people at all are willing to disclose their favorite shed hunting spots because the second they do a half dozen people will perch around it. Sadly this time of year brings out the worst in many people so in turn those who know where to go don't tend to share their insights. As far as finding sheds I did hear of several people who found sheds but I myself did not find any.

    Bull will be found in bachelor groups quite commonly now, however some, especially the younger ones, will still be with the herds.
  14. J REEVES New Member

    I m surprised you(joe) dont find any sheds. You seem to be out taking pictures at of elk all year so your in the vincinity of elk when they shed .
    Does the area get a lot of foot traffic when shedding begins? Maybe I should not stay so close to bennezette or winslow hill where there is alot of competition.

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