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Discussion in 'Elk Country Chat' started by oldpete63, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. oldpete63 New Member

    Heading for our annual trip to Benezette this Saturday for a week. (with Joe's guide in hand this time). Will post any pertinent info of sightings for those coming in the future. Will miss seeing Fred - RIP
  2. Paul New Member

    Hope you have a great visit and see plenty of elk. As I said in another post, my wife and I are unable to make the trip this year (we usually load up the camper and spend a couple of weeks in "elk country". Will be looking forward to hearing reports of the goings on this year......maybe it will help ease our dissapointment. Planing to return next year, but that is a long way off. Enjoy your trip Pete and we will be looking forward to your future posts.
  3. oldpete63 New Member

    Thanks so much, Paul. So sorry to hear you have to take a pass this year :( - we missed last year, so we know the feeling !! It'll be time to go before you know it, at least that's what we kept telling ourselves last year. But will promise to post any info, Paul - decent photos or videos I can get - to ease the pain. Take care - and thanks again !!!!
  4. oldpete63 New Member

    003 - Sat. 9-29-12.jpg 011 - Sat. 9-29-12.jpg 034 - Sun. 9-30-12.jpg 043 - Sun. 9-30-12.jpg 067 - Tue. 10-2-12.jpg 089 - Thu. 10-4-12.jpg 104 - Fri. 10-5-12.jpg 114 - Fri. 10-5-12.jpg 123 - Fri. 10-5-12.jpg 125 - Fri. 10-5-12.jpg

    As promised, Paul - Enjoy - was a great trip - but heard the rut occured two weeks previous - my timing and the elk's timing didn't coincide this year !!!:(
  5. Paul New Member

    Great pictures Pete....thanks for posting them. Looks like some pretty nice bulls. Sorry you missed the peak, but I'm sure you had a great time judging by the photos. I heard that an elk was hit on route 555 sometime in the last few weeks....did you hear anything about that?
    Hoping that next year we will have our own memories from another stay in "elk country"
  6. oldpete63 New Member

    Your very welcome, Paul. In fact - we already booked the cabin for next year - Sept. 15 - 22 . Lot of bulls this year (lot of 6x7's). Saw quite a few turkey and a big old black bear outside the visitor's center. Did follow Joe's tips and and helped make the trip even better. Did overhear about the elk accident - but no specifics. Another reason to drive cautiously in the area. I truly hope you make it next year to the best show in the "East". Take care !!!

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