Mountain Laurel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by D. Simms, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. D. Simms Site Sponsor

    If anyone would like to see some beautiful mountain laurel blooming now is the time. Yesterday,
    I took a drive up Caledonia Pike towards the Quehanna area as far as Shaggers Inn Road and
    the laurel was awesome. Another good place is Dieble Road near the rangers station just
    off the Quehanna highway. I only drove up as far as the fork, but it looked like there was
    much more to see further on. This road circles around to the Marion Brooks Natural Area
    and comes back out on the Quehanna highway. I haven't make this circle for a couple of
    years but when I did the road condition warranted a higher vehicle than just a passenger car.
    The drive to the fork is OK to make in a car and there is a large concentration of laurel in
    this area.
  2. Joe Site Founder

    I love Mountain Laurel and Caledonia Pike has a ton of it. I hope to be able to get out there soon enough to catch it blooming, but I doubt our schedule will allow it. :(
  3. D. Simms Site Sponsor

    With the cool weather, it might be around next week yet.

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