Market Closed !

Discussion in 'General' started by kromar, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. kromar New Member

    Just wan't to give everyone a heads up ! The grocery store in Weedville has closed. Can't remember how to spell it ! Taken over by Dollar General or Dollar Bargain. Back to packing food from home when going to camp. Saw the good sized heard of about 80 this weekend off Dewey Road.
  2. CougarMan New Member

    Do you mean DuLullo's SurShine store that's right across the street from Bennett's Pharmacy and the Jeep Inn?
  3. kromar New Member

    Yep thats the one. Can't believe they closed. It's a pain to pack food from home. Just up this weekend. Saw a Bobcat on Porcupine Rd. and watch where you step the Rattlesnakes are on the move. Saw one on the " Fred Woods Trail".
  4. CougarMan New Member

    When I drove by there on Memorial Day weekend, it said it was some sort of "discount food" place or something like that, but it didn't look to be open. Does anybody know if it's open yet, and if it is comperable to the old DuLullo's store?

    Some friends of mine have been going up to that area for decades and have yet to see a bobcat! Always a rare treat when you can see one in the wild like that. Where is the "Fred Woods Trail" located?
  5. kromar New Member

    Fred Woods Trail is off Mason Hill Rd. Mason Hill runs of 555 before you get to Driftwood. Its on the left hand side coming from Benezette. There is a small sign on 555. There are huge rocks that the trail winds thru and two great vistas on the trail. Just keep an eye out for rattlers !

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