Hey - Greetings ALL! My name is Lisa.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by purpli, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. purpli New Member

    Hau Kola! Me & my family are coming out (from the east - that's all I'm gonna say about that!) next week. Sixteen years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) and I passed by an Elk Lodge that had a huge statue outside - I asked him to pull over so I could rub it - knowing it was a "fertility" animal... Well we've been married 15 yrs now... and we still love everything about this gorgeous creature. Hoping to get a sighting! Didn't know about this herd until I was researching what we could do while we were out in the Alleghany National Forest for a visit - I think/hope we'll be visiting alot more! Looking forward to finding more out about you all too! Peace!
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  2. Cranky Moderator

    Hello Lisa and welcome.
  3. Joe Site Founder

    Welcome purpli / Lisa. It is a pleasure to have you here.
  4. purpli New Member

    Thanks! Well be heading out that way tomorrow... Charged the battery for my camera - Hoping to get some nice shots!
  5. Joe Site Founder

    There are tons in the caledonia, benezette and winslow hill areas. Some in velvet now too.

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