Blogs Now Open [official announcement]

Discussion in 'Board Policies & Site Updates' started by Joe, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Joe Site Founder

    We are excited to announce that site members can now have their own Elk Country blog. You are free to blog about any aspect of Elk Country even your daily life here. If you wish to have a blog for commercial purposes please email admin (at) for more information.

    Also see our Terms of Use for a few additional rules.

    The blogs will start out with features that mimic that of a thread in our forum, but will gradually be more advanced with time. Also if you notice any hiccups in the software please report them back to me so I can work on a fix.

    Happy blogging and as always if you have questions feel free to contact me. Use the email address above or contact me via the conversation feature here or by opening a thread in the support forum.

    To write a blog post simply click on the Blogs link in the top navbar and then click the Create New Entry button at the top right.

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