Best meal in Elk Country?

Discussion in 'Elk Country Chat' started by Joe, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Joe Site Founder

    Just curious about what you consider the best meal in Elk Country. What's the restaurant and the dish?
  2. Elizabeth Carley New Member

    I like Finn's in Wilcox...There is also a good place by the St Marys country club(can't remember the name of it though).. But I live in McKean ,the county right above elk county..Up here it has to be my brother in laws place, Colonial restaurant...
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  3. rellygirl Administrator

    I like to eat at the Benezette Store Restuarant and have the roast beef platter with mashed potatoes and gravy. Very yummy!
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  4. Joe Site Founder

    Sadly the only place I have eaten out at in Elk Country other than fast food is the Benezette Store. My favorite there is the Hot Sausage Sandwich.
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  5. MedixElk New Member

    Benezette store for breakfast! 2 eggs, Home fries, toast, and Elk Sausage! Another good dist is the Elk Burger at the Benezette Hotel. And they make a pretty good pizza at the Medix Hotel!
  6. CougarMan New Member

    The Elk Path in Benezette sure did make a pretty good pizza too, along with Mexican food, prime rib, BBQ, etc., but they haven't been open the past year or two. Does anybody know if they went out of business for good?
  7. Joe Site Founder

    I believe they did. I never asked anyone but it kinda looked like someone was using it as a camp for a while.
  8. CougarMan New Member

    Wow, I hadn't noticed that anyone was using it as a cabin as of the last time I was up there. When did this come about?
  9. Gerty18 New Member

    Benezette Hotel - They have a lot of good HOMEMADE food. The Store and Restaurant does nothing home made. I'm a little picky so I always ask.
  10. MedixElk New Member

    We recently went to the Benezette Hotel....they may have HOMEMADE food....but it doesn't include BREAKFAST!!! The don't serve it any longer. Very big disappointment!!
  11. Gerty18 New Member

    There breakfast didn't really take off. The Benezette Restaurant does do Breakfast though, they are very successful and well know for their breakfast meals. The Benezette Hotel has a full bar in it; this is why many didn't go there for breakfast. Not many people want to go to a bar for breakfast. The Medix Hotel does not serve breakfast either.
    * I wouldn't say a restaurant is a "very big disappoinment" because it doesn't serve breakfast though.
  12. MedixElk New Member

    I would. We really enjoyed the Breakfast at the Benezette Hotel. We have been to the store several times and just preferred the Hotel. Everyone was saddened they did away with breakfast.
  13. CougarMan New Member

    Ya know...I could just kick myself! Last year, I went up to the Benezette Hotel for breakfast. I got the usual...eggs, toast, bacon, home fries, etc. It wasn't a bad breakfast in and of itself, but I found myself drooling over my friend's "royal omelette", which was a BIG omlette with cheese and ground elk meat on it. I kept saying "next time we come here for breakfast, I'm getting me one of those!!!" Unfortunately, "next time" ended up being a year later, and the Benezette Hotel no longer serves breakfast, so I guess I'm S.O.L. on getting to try the royal omelette!!!!
  14. CougarMan New Member

    Gerty was right about the non-homemade food at the Benezette Store/Restaurant. Except for the eggs, their breakfasts were basically right out of the freezer section of your local grocery store. I've had their sausage, country fried steak, home fries, bacon, and sausage gravy. While the Benezette Store/Restaurant doesn't serve a bad breakfast by any means, you can easily buy all of those at the Super Wal-Mart in Dubois and store all of those ingredients in your freezer at camp. Come morning, you can cook up all of them up right on your hotplate without leaving the confines of your cabin...and for a fraction of the price!!

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